Hayley's 2021 Summary

Hayley's 2021 Summary

Well, 2021 was quite a year! Like everyone else we had hoped to see an end to lockdown and a year that was able to see some normality. But this wasn't to be, both personally and as a business we gritted our teeth and dug deep and moved forward. 

As a family we were lucky enough to spend time with some of our loved ones on Christmas day and we all remained safe and well. As we moved into the new year we remained busy with our loyal customers and online sales, whilst we waited for bars and restaurants to open. As bars reopened we breathed a sigh of relief as did the whole nation. It was lovely to get out again and spend time with our family and friends-a return to some normality

On a personal level myself and my immediate family attended the wedding of a close family friend in the summer and it was such a joyful occasion marking the end of lockdown (or so we thought)! We were also fortunate to travel to Portugal to celebrate the wedding again and spent a lovely week with family and friends-the hassle of Covid testing was worth this week in the sun.  I also took retirement from teaching and moved over to Sis4ers on a full time basis which I am loving!

At the distillery we have seen a big change with the delivery of our new Arnold Holstein Still which has hugely increased our capacity and looks stunning! We are excited to move forward into 2022 with Frederica 2 and all the possibilities she will bring us. Our events are fully up and running and we have been so excited to welcome the public back into the distillery and share our story and passion for making gin. 

December again saw us facing a rise in Covid cases and worries about another Lockdown! Fortunately, this didn't happen but we still suffered as bars saw a huge reduction in numbers of people going out so again we were facing uncertainty! Again our wonderful customers helped us through the latter part of the year.

We are now ready for 2022 and things are looking hopeful that we will all beginning to return to some form of normality as we move forward. We will keep you informed and updated on any new developments that will be occurring this year-as usual we will have some exciting news to update you with over the coming months.

We have already welcomed our first tour customers of the year and they were all so happy to be back out enjoying our delicious gin! We will be having many new events coming up so keep your eyes on our website and social media. 

Personally, my two daughters have recently bought a flat together and will be moving out at the beginning of February which will leave my husband, our 2 dogs and I in the house! This is something they have been looking forward to for so long and I am so excited for them but it will be a sad day for me at the same time. 

So lots to look forward to this year. We hope that all our wonderful customers remain healthy and safe and we look forward to being in touch with you this year. Keep checking our website and social media for updates etc. If you haven't already why not subscribe to our monthly newsletter which will keep you up to date with everything that is happening and will include some great offers.

Take care,

Hayley Sister number 2

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