We’ve had an exciting start to our journey so far and we’re so close to bringing you our brand new Gin.

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We can’t wait to bring you something so special!

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We’re so proud to launch our logo and identity to the world.


We are working with the amazing designer James O’Connell with our branding and we can’t wait to show you the next stages of our bottle designs and future campaigns!

Gin Trends 2017 Review

According to the ‘Spirits Business’, these were going to be the latest trends for Gin in 2017. Coming towards the end of the year, we’re their predictions almost there, bang on, or way off? What do you think?…

With more and more gin brands launching every week, the category seems to be overpopulated, but that hasn’t stopped its growing recognition. And Euromonitor’s figures seem to agree – according to its forecast data, sales of gin will hit almost 528 million litres in 2016, up from 512m in 2015.

Lizzy Johnson, global brand and marketing director at Quintessential Brands, which looks after Greenall’s, Bloom Gin and Opihr, commented: “‘Ginnaissance’ is here and the category is hot, from standard to super-premium, new brands are launching and established brands are growing, making the category one of the most dynamic and attractive for all.”

This year, the industry also saw a flurry of acquisitions of local gin brands, including Ian Macleod Distillers buying Edinburgh Gin producer Spencerfield Spirit Company, and Halewood International taking over the Liverpool Gin brand. While gin locality isn’t a new trend, there continues to be a rise in the popularity of homegrown producers.

The public’s unquenchable thirst for gin has also led to a boom in distilleries. According to the figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, 49 new distilleries opened in the UK last year alone.

“We have seen an unprecedented number of new gin launches internationally in the premium-and-above gins – driven partly by consumer interest in the category and the way consumers can drink gin,” says Johnson.

“The super-premium segment has tripled in size over the past decade as consumers increasingly trade up. The UK is the original home of gin and it is expected that more and more consumers will enter the gin category.”

Gin’s success could also be attributed to the way we drink it. Johnson explains: “Greenall’s is benefiting from consumers’ interest in gin, as more and more of them want to try a gin and tonic. It’s a good entry-level opportunity as consumers are drawn to the category. Educating mixologists, media and consumers on our gins, what is unique about them, and how to drink them continues to be a core strategy as we grow our brands.”

The launch of gin subscriptions has arguably boosted the category, including Sipsmith’s ‘quarterly sipping service’ following a successful crowdfunding campaign, and, more recently, the launch of specialist gin membership Juniper Club.

Eric Sampers, global brand director for the English gins portfolio at Chivas Brothers, told The Spirits Business in July: “The gin category is in the midst of its most exciting period for decades, with new products, new ways to drink gin and new recruits to the category. With this in mind, gin fatigue is not an imminent problem.”

We think they’ve got the right idea tbh…we can’t see gin leaving the spotlight for a while, but it’s up to gin distillers, like ourselves to continuously come up with new ideas and flavours to keep your tastebuds tantalised!


Welcome to our first SIS4ERS DISTILLERY news post!

This is an exciting milestone for us, as it means we’re out there and public and we can now reveal a secret venture that all four sisters have been keeping under wraps for some time now.

As mentioned on our website, we are the FOUR SIS4ERS to the SEVEN BR07HERS BREWERY, so not only are we a pretty big family, we believe we’re the biggest family of direct siblings in the alcohol industry in the world! Pretty decent we think.

Our first Signature Gin is going to be released to the market in the new year and we can’t wait for you to taste it!

We have BIG plans, so please keep checking back and follow our social media pages for the latest updates.

Thank you so much for your support so far! This is going to be an adventure. 🙂

Kerry, Hayley, Kate & Lucy